We love the A-Love returns to Salina!

by Marjorie Anderson

Anthony Love has signed a contract to return to Liberty Nation to Defend the Crown in 2023!

A-Love was instrumental during our 2022 season and championship run.

Known in the CIF as one of the top receivers due to his ability to make any catch on the field.

At 6'4" he is tough to defend and is dangerous with his ability to turn a short pass into a BIG play!

A-Love has great hands & good speed and is a very physical Wide Receiver with his ability to block down field.

A complete player and ultimate Team Player who is even more dangerous with his new shiny Championship Ring.

Salina Liberty will arguably tout the best Receiving Corp in the CIF in 2023...and A-Love will be one of the reasons!

Liberty Nation - Give a big welcome back to A-Love and his big smile to Salina!