"The Predator" Returns

by Francis Flax

Deetray Mathews #4

The Predator returns to defend the crown.

Liberty Nation - big news on the return of #4 to Salina.

Deetray is one of the most feared defenders in the CIF.

He is our QB on defense as his football IQ is off the charts.

The Predator will take on anyone at any time on the field ad regardless of the weight difference he will stop you in your tracks.

Arguably the best defensive back in the league, and a fantastic athlete that can play anywhere on the field, including WR on offense. 

He has multiple championships within the CIF, and will bring "the wood" every down he is on the field.

Deetray doesn't believe in shoe string tackles... He will LAY YOU OUT!

Don't let that big smile you see off the field fool you as he is a different person when he steps on the turf. One of the greatest competitors in the game. 

Salina Liberty wouldn't be the same without our #4!

Get on your feet and give a BIG shout out to the return of The Predator!