The Kevin and Philip Project Podcast: Big Time Arena Football is Coming to Salina

by Katie Junk

Yes, we have had arena football in the past, but this is the BIG TIME!  This is THE Arena Football League!  In this episode, we have the General Manager of the Salina Liberty Sam Sellers on with us to discuss all things Arena Football.  Teams in this league are owned by other folks you know, such as Jon Bon Jovi, Miley Cyrus, and others.

During this hour, we cover everything from recruiting players to the team, salaries of the players, travel schedules, rule differences between regular football and arena football, and we talk a little X's and O's of this type of football.  We also talk about how they regulate the fields they play on, how revenue sharing works, etc.

And I think we even assigned Phillip to be the first fan to catch a kickoff off the net and get blasted by a player running at him full speed.  Well, only part of that may be true....

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