Salina Liberty will return in 2024

by Marjorie Anderson

Hello Liberty Nation!

We hope you are all doing well and enjoying your Summer. It is a very dynamic time for Professional Indoor Football. I am sure you have been reading about Teams that are moving in and out of leagues within professional Indoor Football.

We are only focused on one Team and that is Salina Liberty. The Salina Liberty Ownership Group participated in the Annual League Meetings in Wichita in late July. There remains a very dedicated group of Owners and Teams committed to Champions Indoor Football. We had very good discussions and feel good about the league for 2024 and beyond. Of course, we see opportunities for improvement; It is good to see the league committed to making those improvements.

We are here to assure you that there will be Salina Liberty Football in Salina, Kansas in 2024!

We are fully engaged with the Teams committed to the CIF to work together on opportunities to expand the league. We have extended the timeline for league affiliation to late August to allow time for some of the new market opportunities. Additionally, it was announced this morning the signing of a new commissioner for the CIF.  (See CIF Official Website) We will be out in the communities starting in August to partner with businesses to become part of Liberty Nation. You will find us back in our home arena at the Tony's Pizza Event Center next Spring - 2024!

So, get ready for another exciting season of Salina Liberty Professional Football!
Best Regards,

Salina Liberty Ownership Group