Fast Ed Smith returns to Salina

by Marjorie Anderson

Ed Smith Jr. is one of the original talent signings from the start of The Salina Liberty Franchise.

Better known as Hound Dog Jr. in these parts of the U.S.

A consummate professional who has been a leader from day one.

Ed has been someone we have built this franchise around.

The Ownership Group from day one has committed to bring in talented young men who embody the values of Salina.

Ed is the prototype of a Liberty warrior on and off the field.

Hound Dog is one of if not the fastest player in the CIF.

With his speed, we are able to stretch the field on Offense.......and open up big plays for our high-flying juggernaut.

Ed is a complete Wide Receiver who has excellent hands and is not afraid to block down field.

We love seeing Ed make a catch because we know he is one step from breaking a short hitch into a long T.D.!

Then we get to listen to the "Voice of Salina Liberty" Devin Haney say...."Touch Down Salina Liberty....FAST ED SMITH to the HOUSE!"

Liberty Nation - Get on your feet for the return of Ed Smith Jr.