Dee Wash Back to Run it Back

by Francis Flax

Demarius Washington #1

Dee Wash back to run it back.

Big news, announcing that #1 is back in OUR HOUSE!

There is a reason he wears #1 as he is elite in his position and profession. 

D-Wash is a D Coordinators nightmare as it is impossible to match up with him.

It makes it even more difficult with the elite WR's we have on the Salina Liberty.

You can double team D-Wash or you can scheme to attempt to slow him down... but you can't shut him down.

He will win almost every match-up or strategy due to his physical ability, speed, hands, and experience. 

A leader on the field that brings mentorship to our offense and experience to the franchise.

Super Bowl Sunday is a little less super today for all of the teams in the CIF reading this signing. However, it is like Christmas Sunday for Liberty Nation and the Liberty Franchise.

Liberty Nation - Let D-Wash know how happy you are to have him back in Salina because we are ecstatic!